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Our Team



George Jakymyshyn

Founder and Instructor

George was convinced by his daughter, Natalie, to enrol in yoga teacher training. He graduated and became a certified yoga instructor. Former owner of Yoga in the Creek and Hot Yoga Stoney Creek, George has now ventured on to co-own La Sana Yoga.
















Sandie Pizzuti


Sandie is a retired senior administrator who began practising yoga in recent years.  She found the practice of yoga to be a true gift as it relates to the focus of stillness, quiet and strength.  Sandie’s desire is to share the gift of yoga with others knowing very well that the practice will support an improved sense of overall well-being.  

















Kim Le-Butler

Founder and Instructor

Kim is a certified yoga instructor who has been practising yoga for several years.  Kim was certified in her hometown of Stoney Creek, Ontario where she fell in love with all aspects of yoga.  Yoga gave Kim the strength, calmness and peace she desired after many ups and downs that life has challenged her with.
















Ashley Albers

Founder and Instructor

Ashley is a certified yoga instructor who has been practising yoga for the past ten years focusing on gaining strength and flexibility.  Ashley was certified in Palomino, Colombia where she thoroughly embraced and discovered her love for the theoretical, spiritual and practical aspects of yoga.

















Jenn Steele


Jenn is a heart centred yoga instructor, certified since 2018 and a student for life. She uses pranayama, intuitive sequencing and subtle energies to guide you. No matter what class you book with her you are guaranteed to go on a full mind, body, soul journey.

















Reanna Klamot


Reanna is a certified yoga instructor who began practising yoga in 2015 and became certified in 2019. She loves combining meditation, music, and movement to deliver meaningful classes to her students. As someone who has benefited from the healing aspects of yoga and a holistic lifestyle, Reanna is extremely passionate about sharing her love of yoga with the world. 

Melinda Therrien
















Melinda Therrien 


Melinda’s love affair with yoga began a few years back and she quickly became one of those students who was in studio almost every day.  She is drawn to the gentle, healing and magic quality that regular time on her yoga mat gives her.  She has used yoga to the benefit of many facets of her life and loves to pass that experience along to all her students keeping the atmosphere of each class she teaches light and welcoming to all.

















Ania Wazny


Ania is a passionate and dedicated yoga instructor with a profound love for nurturing the minds of her students through the art and discipline of yoga. She brings the traditional essence of Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini and Power flows with a heart that believes in the transformative power of yoga for the soul. As an instructor, Ania thrives on the joyous challenge of adapting and innovating, ensuring each student feels seen, understood, and empowered. At the core of her teachings is a fervent desire to cultivate mindfulness, strength, and self-awareness, building a foundation for a lifetime of wellness and self-love. Every session is a heartfelt journey, a testament to her unwavering passion and belief in the potential of every student.

















Yasi Gerami


Yasi began her yoga practice at her mom's classes throughout high school but later decided to live in India, travel through Asia, expand her practice and search for spirituality and mindfulness. As a fine arts graduate and lover of arts, Yasi aims to enhance the joy of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness while implementing traditional instruments and sound baths along with Eastern music, philosophy, and literature. Yasi is a certified Yoga teacher from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta College of the Bahamas. 

Image 2023-04-25 at 1.45 PM.jpeg
















Tia Makela


After experiencing the wonderful benefits from a regular yoga practice herself, Tia developed a passion for learning as much about yoga as she could. In addition to obtaining her 200 RYT, she also has a degree in HBKin and is currently studying to become an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (M. OMSc). Tia combines her anatomy background with her understanding of traditional yoga teachings into each of her classes in hopes of providing opportunities for self-discovery as well as purposeful movements to help others feel balanced both on and off the mat. 

















Chris Lauzon


Elementary teacher by day, yoga teacher by night! Chris enjoys yoga for its physical and meditative benefits. Chris became a certified yoga teacher in 2015 and enjoys the connection yoga cultivates between body, breath and mind. He strives to bring creative and dynamic flows to his yoga classes so students feel tuned in to their breath and bodies

















Alana Bell


Alana was first introduced to yoga when she was in high school, and committed to her practice while living abroad many years later. She earned her certificate to teach in 2018 and loves guiding students with a variety of abilities and skill levels. One of her favourite parts of teaching is creating a playlist that accompanies the flow, as she loves the effect music can have on one’s practice. She wants her students to feel challenged while on their mat, and empowered once they step off it! 

















Cassandra Hurley


Cassandra has been practicing yoga for over ten years. Yoga has always been a way of grounding herself throughout the many changes in her life. Through her practice she has been able to develop a sense of understanding within her own body. Cassandra works to help others feel this same sense of mind body connection, rooted in love and compassion for oneself. 

Image 2024-01-10 at 11.18 AM.jpeg
















Laura Ionico


Laura is passionate about creating an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone to practice and enjoy the benefits of yoga. She was first introduced to yoga as a teenager and has been practicing ever since. In 2020 she completed her RYT200 through Ambassador Yoga. In her
classes, Laura encourages students to tune in and listen to the wisdom of their own unique body. Her goal is to create accessible classes with mindful movement to help students find joy and strength in their own bodies. She believes that everyone can find a style and practice of yoga that establishes a mind body connection and feelings of peace.

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