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About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people to embrace the practice of yoga on and off the mat, and as an important component to a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.


Kindness and Caring

At La Sana Yoga, we strive to model the important attributes of yoga such as kindness and caring towards each other and towards our members. We recognize that when each person is treated in a kind, caring manner, their personhood is acknowledged and that affirmation inspires persons to be the highest version of themselves.


Community and Belonging

We strive to become a community and to ensure each person is accepted and feels a sense of belonging. Our yoga community will always be growing, changing and adapting to the needs of our members.

Discipline and Dedication

Our desire is to inspire people to regularly practice yoga which will build their strength and self-confidence. With dedication to a regular yoga, meditation and mindfulness, we believe that people will improve their overall well-being —mind, body and spirit.

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